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About Us

Our Vision

To be recognized as the most reliable & Best Value Services provider among one million outlets being socially responsible.

Our Mission

Want to deliver service excellence to all our customers by constantly challenging our system, procedure and training to maintain a cohesive and professional team.

Core Values


  • We follow integrity in every steps of our work.
  • We are honest about what we do.


  • We build personal ownership to support & develop both the business & the people
  • We have passion with intense involvement to shape personal responsibility and challenge for improved performance


  • 2 + 2 = 5
  • Whether we agree to disagree, but united in the end to show mutual respect & build mutual trust
  • We share our ideas, solutions & best practices to promote integrity & transparency


  • We have set high targets in the things that matter & hit them through outperforming
  • Competition & delivering on promises
  • We want to provide the consumer with what they would like


RTM is a part of Pandughar Group. Thus, let us take a glimpse at its sister concerns to understand what RTM is truly all about.

UDDL: it has gained the priceless “TRUST” through its commitment toward quality, customer service and engagement and on spot troubleshooting. It is recognized as an exemplary organization for its unbelievable employee retention for last 20 years.

Dhaka Ice Cream Industries Limited (DIIL): DIIL is the producer and seller of one of the most trusted ice cream brands in Bangladesh, “Polar”. This is the pioneer company in the ice cream industry in Bangladesh. It has created very high standards of quality based on the owner’s philosophy on quality “Safe foods for their own children to ensure safety for the entire consumer base ”.

Dan Foods Limited (DFL): It’s a joint venture of Pandughar Group and DAN CAKE A/S. It has set up a very high quality standard in every phase of the business process. Alike other Scandinavian country Dan Foods AS is also very conservative in selecting partners. We are humbly thanking them to select Pandughar Group as their “ trustworthy ” partner. Dan Foods Limited, Bangladesh is the first and only venture of Dan Cake A/S outside Europe.

Interstoff Apparels: It is a state of the art manufacturing facility, one of the most efficient RMG producers in Bangladesh with 11,000 employees’ team. The names of the brands they are working with clarify the rest. They produce garments for – Tesco PLC, Carrefour, H & M hennes & Maruitz AB, Marks and Spencer, Chaps, Abercrombie & fitch, MEXX, Kpppahl. Their annual turnover in the year 2015 was nearing $100 million.

Founder and Top Management


Mr. Nazim Uddin Ahmed: is the Chairman of the company. A mechanical Engineer with a Business Degree both obtained from top institutes of the country. He is a true leader and likes to introduce himself as a down to earth, simple, pious, honest human being. He is also the founder and Chairman of Pandughar group. He is one of the most successful entrepreneurs of the country and these two institutes have produced in the last few decades..

Managing Director & CEO

Mr. Zulfiker Ali Siddique: is the Managing Director of the company and is a Business graduate from IBA. He is known to his circles as a disciplined, trustworthy, driven person focused strongly in his work. He served from the bottom to top position of top MNCs operating in the Bangladesh market. He started his professional career at Nestle Bangladesh Limited, then served at Reckitt Benkiser Bangladesh Limited and Grameen Danone .

RTM At a glance

Type of Incorporation:
Private limited Company
Year of incorporation: 2012
Number of Office: 04
Industries we are present:
Mobile wallet, water purification solution, Foods
Sales & Distribution Channels:
Direct Sales, Retail Chain Stores, HORECA, Institutional Sales, traditional retail and wholesale channel.
Focus functional areas:
Sales and Distribution, Brand Development, Marketing and Trade marketing, Supply Chain management, Working capital and financial management.
Customer Contact Center to get first hand feedback to identify service flaws and improve functional efficiency.

Contact Us

Route to Market International Limited 222, Tejgaon Industrial Area,
Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh
Tel: +8802-9886701
Fax: +8802-9886732
Email: info@rtmbd.com

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