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Modern Trade

Equipped with highly energized and competent sales and marketing team, we have 97 percent of modern trade coverage in Bangladesh. We ensure the most optimized service frequency along with an appropriate brand promoting team to maximize the sales of the brands in the stores.

Distribution Service Support

  • ☆ Ensuring prompt supplies of stocks after receiving of orders.
  • ☆ Support of sales personnel to continuously pursue outlets for order.
  • ☆ We have well defined reporting system for daily work appraisal.
  • ☆ Providing credit period to distributors for ensuring free flow of goods.
  • ☆ Branding support to the product in forms of displays, banners and other promotional means.

Other Non-Retail Channel

We have a unique network in hotels, restaurants and cafeterias. At present we are covering these three units with a range of food baskets. Currently we have about 500 customers of hotels, restaurants and cafeteria in Dhaka city under our coverage.

Channel Category A (or 5 *) Category B (or 3/4 *) Category C (Others)
Hotels 5 26 400
Restaurants 150
Cafeterias 1 40 250
Total 6 66 800


RTM is the only company which covers the canteens of all corporate. Our institutional channel covers hospitals, schools, colleges, universities. Our institution channel also covers Domestic and international airlines, we give service to corporate with gift hampers and other specialized service required by them. It also covers local and international fairs in the town. We have special fair management team for participating in fairs to sale and promote brands under our umbrella.


  • Population: 160.0 million (Year 2015)
  • Per Head Income - $ 1,190 ; 2015- $39.967
  • GDP- 150 Billion ; 2050- $7,335.7 Billion
  • GNP- 498.8 Billion ; 2015- $2,901.1
  • GDP Growth Rate – 6%
  • *Source: Wikipedia Article, The Next Eleven

Contact Us

Route to Market International Limited 222, Tejgaon Industrial Area,
Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh
Tel: +8802-9886701
Fax: +8802-9886732
Email: info@rtmbd.com

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