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To ensure efficiency, we want to provide state of the art services and as a result, we are trying to implement TQM in our entire distribution system. Our import portfolio is an amalgamation of partnerships with various global brands spanning the entire globe. At present, we regularly import various confectionary items, fruit juices, chocolates and FMCG products from Thailand, India, Indonesia and UAE.

RTM has always maintain their business ethics, commitment to serve their cause and contribution to bettering the lives of consumers, the quality of their products, consumer acceptability and their potential in the local market. Once on board with a brand, RTM stands relentlessly ready to penetrate the Bangladesh market through strong pull driven brand exclusivity, geographic coverage all across the nation and trade channel reliability.


2013: RTM partnered with Ceylon Biscuits Limited in 2013 after they began production locally. Since then RTM has become the sole distribution partners for their high quality treats. Recognizing them as a technology and innovation led producer and their global presence across all continents, RTM now works to spread their products across Bangladesh.

2014: RTM had the pleasure of joining hands with Malee Sampran Public Company Limited in 2014. The Malee Commitment clearly says, “Innovation and healthy products leveraged through environmentally friendly production process dedicated to our customers’ sustainable well- being.” It is committed to superior quality with certification on GMP, HACCP, BRC, IFS, HALAL and Q-Mark quality standards. After watching the care and commitment of the Malee group towards improving the quality of the lives of consumers, through their nutritious and delicious juices, RTM hopped on board as their import and distribution partner in Bangladesh.

2015: Ion Exchance India Limited went into business with RTM in 2015. Their commitment was to be the leader in a business which is vital to people’s lives and the environment. RTM found it hard to say no as their global efforts for sustainable water solutions gathered praise from all over the world. RTM is now the sole distributor of Zero B, the flagship brand of Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. which promises to offer consumers the assurance of water that is pure and safe for drinking.

2016: RTM partnered with Nestrade SA in 2016 and is furthering their cause of delivering competitive global trading solutions to the Nestle Group from Bangladesh. RTM is currently engaged in the import and distribution of a multitude of Nestle brands like Nido, FOX’S, Smarties, Kitkat, Milo and more.

Malee juices are the definition of care for the consumer which is why they say, “Fruit with care”. The good people at Malee take care of the production process, from beginning to end, as they would for their family. The variety of fruit juices that are in the market, and so loved by the consumers, are made from a completely natural process and are filled with taste and nutrition, unlike any other. It has been a global favorite in the past years and has made its way to the hearts of consumers in Bangladesh, thanks to the efforts of RTM.

Zero B, the flagship brand of Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. promises to offer consumers the assurance of water that is pure and safe for drinking. Zero B is the complete water purifying solution that your home and your family desperately needs in this era of pollutants and unhealthy environments. At Zero B, every product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail so that it provides ultimate protection against all water-borne diseases and ensures complete protection for your family.

Nido offers a complete range of milk and milk-based products, like Nido, the instant dry whole milk, and Nido Kinder 1+, a non-fat powered, Prebio 1 fortified, milk that offer nutrition solutions for each stage of childhood. The Nido brand is trusted by mothers and has been so for the past 70 years.

FOX’S are crystal clear candies with a unique shape that come in mint and fruit flavors and has been the favorite for consumers across the globe for years.

Smarties, the delicious, colorfully coated chocolate nibble is a longtime favorite in countries like UK, Germany, Australia, South Africa and Canada. RTM now brings this delicious treat to Bangladesh and distributes it all over.

After delighting consumers all over the world, Kitkat, with a little help for RTM is now delighting consumers all over Bangladesh.

The world’s leading chocolate malt beverage brand, Milo is now providing nutrition and health to kids all over Bangladesh thanks to the bold and effective methods of RTM, the best provider of distributive solutions in Bangladesh.

Now let’s look at how RTM got to this prestigious position.

Over the years, RTM has gathered one of the biggest and most versatile import portfolios in Bangladesh. But we are not far behind in our export game either. In addition to our offices in Bangladesh, we have three offshore offices in Thailand, Indonesia and the UAE. We have also, recently, undertaken exporting operations and are already exporting to India, Sri Lanka, Myanmar and many The year The events, images and product information. As the years go on, this bar can be extended to include the new information and partnerships along with their products. other countries. When the ship sails from RTM, the world awaits wonders of efficiency and quality products. Regular exports of Dan Cake are already underway to India, Sri Lanka and Myanmar.

RTM At a glance

Type of Incorporation:
Private limited Company
Year of incorporation: 2012
Number of Office: 04
Industries we are present:
Mobile wallet, water purification solution, Foods
Sales & Distribution Channels:
Direct Sales, Retail Chain Stores, HORECA, Institutional Sales, traditional retail and wholesale channel.
Focus functional areas:
Sales and Distribution, Brand Development, Marketing and Trade marketing, Supply Chain management, Working capital and financial management.
Customer Contact Center to get first hand feedback to identify service flaws and improve functional efficiency.

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Route to Market International Limited 222, Tejgaon Industrial Area,
Dhaka 1208, Bangladesh
Tel: +8802-9886701
Fax: +8802-9886732
Email: info@rtmbd.com

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