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Zero B, the flagship brand of Ion Exchange (India) Ltd., is the pioneer of the revolutionary RO technology, in India. With its strong National & International presence, Zero B has emerged as one of the premier Water and Environment Management Company in India. At Zero B, every product is crafted with meticulous attention to detail so that it provides ultimate protection against all water-borne diseases and ensures complete protection to your family.

RTM is the sole distributor of Zero B in Bangladesh.

Zero B Products

Zero B Eco RO

RO + HRR + ESS for 3 X higher water recovery

ESS prevents germ build up 24 X 7

Output flow rate 12 liter per hour

Automatic power flush to extend membrane life

PRICE : BDT 35,000/-


Zero B Emerald RO

Heptapure Technology

intelligent fill ensures safe and healthy water

Output flow rate - 12 liter per hour

TDS + heavy metal remover for 100% safe drinking water

PRICE : BDT 26,000/-


Zero B UV Grande

Next Gen UV Technology

ESS technology prevents germ build up 24 X 7

Output Flow rate : 1.5-2 liter per minute

Energized water

PRICE : EDT 15,000/-


Zero B Solar

Hexapure Technology

Removes Heavy metals like aluminum, lead etc.

Energised Water

Detachable Storage tank

Purifier Health Indicator

PRICE : BDT 15,000/-


Zero B Kitchen Mate

Heptapure technology

Intelligent fill ensures safe and healthy water

Outflow rate 8 liter per hour

Hydro-pneumatic tank for higher presser for output water

PRICE : BDT 35,000/-


Zero B Intello

ESS technology sanitizes water

TDS + Heavy Metal Remover

Automatic fully automatic operations

AFT enhances membrane life by automatically cleaning at regular intervals.

PRICE : BDT 75,000/-


Zero B Suraksha

Tap attachment water purifier with Resin Technology.

Gives 7500 liters of bacteria free pure drinking water

Designed to fit any tap size with free adapter inside

Requires no electricity.

PRICE : BDT 999/-


Zero B Puriline 2L

For safe & natural tasting water.

Removes unwanted odor, taste & color to give natural tasting water.

Globally acclaimed resin technology.

Better results in comparison to boiling water.

PRICE : BDT 8,000/-


Zero B Puriline 4L

Eliminates disease causing bacteria and viruses.

Requires no electricity.

Separate water meter to indicate capacity utilization.

Higher dispensing capacity of 4 liters per min.

PRICE : BDT 15,000/-


Zero B Water Softener

Soft water available at the twist of a knob.

Display remaining soft water, flow rate, and progress cycle.

Easy to recharge (for soft water).

Prevents fabrics from losing their natural look and feel.

PRICE : BDT 15,000/-


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